What We Do

Our Mission

The mission of The Younger Sisters is to help businesses grow by partnering with them to create, develop and promote their brand through customized digital marketing strategies.

Social Media

Social media exposes your business to a broader audience, creating an online community which allows direct communication with your constituents. This ultimately strengthens your brand and leads to business growth. TYS creates a social media strategy tailored to the needs of your business in order to reach and engage your target audience. We also manage and track your social media campaigns as well as integrate your company’s image into your social media platforms and speak to your audience in your unique voice. Our social media services include strategy, implementation, management, monitoring and development.

Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is a vital part of managing your business’ reputation and perception. Effective PR helps your business maintain a strong relationship with your stakeholders by communicating your company's key activities and highlighting announcements and accomplishments. This will help build awareness of your business and further strengthen your brand. PR plays a major role in your overall online marketing efforts by cultivating and fostering relationships with your audience. Our services include formulation and implementation of PR campaigns, press release writing and distribution, media outreach and event management.

Online Marketing

Having an online presence is critical for any successful business. It allows you to reach customers in non-traditional ways and helps shape your brand through a unified online voice. Creating a strong online presence through your website, email campaigns, affiliate marketing and customer relationship management are critical components of your marketing strategy. Ensuring your web presence is contemporary, optimized and effectively communicating to your audience is key. TYS develops and manages your online marketing strategy to keep your constituents abreast of your company’s news, events and other activities. Our services include website strategy and design, website content development and management, brand management, search engine optimization and email marketing.


TYS has a wealth of experience in social media marketing, website development and management, publicity, media relations, consulting, marketing and project management. Our industry experience includes personal fitness, pet health, financial services, entertainment, fashion, pharmaceutical/biotech and non-profit.